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the Pknit Gallery

     The Pknit Gallery is my online Etsy shop, where I sell hand-knit items for “Mommy and her peanits.”  Each item is hand-knit especially for you. Whether you’re looking for that extra special gift to bring to a shower, for a treasure to cheer up a friend, a unique accessory to set off an outfit, or something to keep your little “peanit” warm, you have come to the right place. The Pknit Gallery has something for everyone and every season.


 In my family, thoughtfulness is key. I’d often hear, “You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg, just be thoughtful.” I can’t think of a more suitable example of this than my Grandma who was always knitting for me, or someone else she loved, a treasure – a new sweater, hat & mittens, slippers, etc. Every time I opened a package from her, I was reminded how much she loved me (even if the colors weren’t quite right). I knew she had put her time, skill, and love into that piece.
     Now, several years and a lot more family later, she continues to knit for all of us, but she has also taught ME her craft! I can truly understand the effort that goes in to each piece. I want to not only carry on the virtue of thoughtfulness, and tradition of hand-knit family heirlooms, but I want to share my love for these treasures with you, so you can share with the ones YOU love.
     I live in a cozy little home in Minnesota, with my patient and supportive husband and father of our four beautiful children. They just happen to be my inspiration for the Pknit Gallery.  Needless to say, I don’t have an awful lot of quiet time, but when I do, you can be sure I’m cozy-ed up in one of my favorite spots, needles in hand and coffee near by, knitting for my “peanuts” or YOU!
     So take some time. Peruse my shop. Find a treasure, an heirloom, or another thoughtful gift for someone you love <3

Click here to shop!


    (Oh, and if you’d like a little more info about me, the Pknit Gallery, or my “peanits” in Great Grandma’s sweaters, find me on Instagram @thePknitGallery or @withheidijoy).


     Thank you for shopping and come back soon!

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